Mooting can best be depicted as an activity that comes nearest to being a lawyer while still learning at law school. It includes distinguishing lawful issues out of a complex genuine situation, doing thorough examination on those issues to propel contentions with specialists, trailed by drafting broad composed entries lastly the overwhelming orals before a seat of learned judges. More or less, it is all that a lawyer is supposed to do once he begins specializing in legal matters..

The college holds court room exercises and mock trials to help law students gain confidence and strengthen their persuasive skills. This is done in an effort to modernise the legal learning process and to instil a court culture in them.

Courtroom exercise essentially centers around Legal backing which is a craftsmanship that outperforms the courtroom walls. It is hard to imagine a legal professional who doesn't, in some way and at some time, utilize the skills of advocacy for example investigating realities and submitting contentions. Indeed, even the specialized abilities of preliminary backing, like courtroom manners and demeanor, figuring out how to communicate inquiries to draw out a good reaction, and making a powerful oral show.

Moot Court Society, or the CRE, is the pillar of Shambhunath Institute of Law,Prayagraj as is every Moot Court committee of a law college. Student-run, faculty-advised and monitored, the MCS is constituted of three parts: The Patron (Principal & Director of the college), the Faculty Advisory Board (composed of a group of law faculty from the college) and the most crucial and active part The Executive Board (The student members). The intent of the society is to foster the interest of law students by encouraging and assisting them in developing, inter alia, legal acumen, research and advocacy skills. The Society organizes various Intramural Competitions each semester and at least one National Competition each year, in addition to other competitions. The society has a President and Vice-President, along with other officers to manage its administration and Convener along with Co-Convener to look after Competitions and Events. Special departments have been attributed to Training and Research within the society.