Female Grievance Cell


"The only thing required to be a woman is to identify as one."

--Amanda Lovelace

There are various problems faced by females in an organization. Especially, due to the lack of awareness amongst females, they become an easy target of harassment and face problems. The Cell is required to work in the direction of providing help to any female complaining of discrimination, either gender discrimination or otherwise, any kind of abuse, loneliness, peer pressure, groupism, home sickness, insecurity and/or inferiority complex in terms of physical appearance, hostel issues, harassment from room-mates, adjusting and adopting to the new environment, etc . As an innovative practice, the Institution has established Female Grievance Cell with the objectives of redressing the grievances of the students and the staff, of any sort related to women.

As per guidelines given in Vishakha and others vs. State of Rajasthan Judgment and according to the State Govt. directions, Shambhunath Instititute of Law has duly constituted Female Grievance Cell. The Cell seeks to inform the campus community of their right to a respectful work and learning environment. It believes that if we practice respect, exercise empathy in our interactions with others so that we do not hurt anyone through what we say or do then we can create a campus that is free of complaints. Simple respect for all on the campus community is thus the focus.

Working process of the Cell
  • The complainant will have to submit a written and signed complaint addressed to the faculty in charge of the Cell.
  • The counselor (appointed member) will call the complainant for a personal meeting, usually within a week from the submission of the written complaint.
  • The members of the Cell will discuss the complaint.
  • If the case falls outside the purview of the Cell, the complainant will be informed about the same by the appropriate authority.
  • If the case comes under the purview of the Cell, an enquiry committee will be set up. The Committee will submit a report and recommend the nature of action to be taken at the earliest by the appropriate authority.

Following are the members of the Cell.
S. No. Name Designation
1. Dr. Rajni Tripathi Chairman (FGC), In-charge Principal
2. Dr. Kritika Singh Presiding Officer
3. Ms. Anjali Singh Member (Teacher’s Representative)
4. Ms. Shweta Sinha Member (Teacher’s Representative)
5. Mr. Nisheeth Mohan Member (Non-Teaching Representative)
6. Ms. Vaishali Singh Member (Student Representative)
7. Mohd. Asad Member (Student Representative)