Moot Court

“The moot court process in our office when we get ready, we - everybody, including the SG, does two moot courts for each argument. And they are phenomenal, and they predict 90 percent of the questions that I get asked, at least 90 percent.”

— Donald Verrilli Jr

Mooting can best be described as an activity that comes closest to being a lawyer while still studying at law colleges.The most challenging tasks in legal education in India is to strike a proper balance to ensure that our students are taught a fair mix of courses that give them knowledge and training in Indian law, but at the same time prepare them for facing the challenges of globalization, where domestic legal mechanisms interact with both international and foreign legal systems.
This interaction is going to deepen in the years to come and law colleges must prepare themselves to face this challenge. In this regard, the establishment of the chair in the memory Lt. Pt. KanhaiyaLalMisra at Shambhunath Institute of Law witnessed inspirational talks and exhilarating stories from the life of the former. High dignitaries from legal fraternity were present to grace the occasion. Justice A.P. Misra, the son of Lt. Pt. K.L. Misra was the Chief Guest while Justice GiridharMalviya, Former Chancellor BHU was the Guest of Honor for the occasion. Other legal luminaries included former Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court, Justice RakeshTiwari, Dr. K.K. Tewari , Justice Ashok Kumar , Lokayukt (UP) Justice Sanjay Mishra and Prof. B.P.Singh.
The objective of establishment of Pt. K.L. Misra Chair is to establish, the center of life and light, which produce students who would not only be intellectually equal to the best of their fellow students in other parts of the world, but will also live a noble life, love their country and be loyal to the Supreme Ruler.

The Moot Court Society consists of the following members-
Faculty Coordinator- Ms. Khushboo Ali

Student coordinators-
1. Samrat Vikram Singh (Convenor)
2. Utkarsh Kumar Mishra (Co- Convenor)

Our Moot Court